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The rapture is a fake news


Download: The rapture is a fake news   The doctrine of the "rapture of the church" commonly means that there will be two different returns of Jesus: one to take away the most faithful part of the church and bring it to heaven for a certain time, and another to establish his kingdom at the end of the great tribulation. This doctrine is widely held at the popular level, but almost totally rejected among scholars. They reject it mainly for three reasons, which we will define as historical, theological  and exegetical. Historical reason Eminent scholars and historians of Christianity, such as [...]

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Further Insight n. 17 (from Acts 17). PARADISE WITHOUT RESURRECTION: AN "ACTUAL HERESY" 1) Introduction. The resurrection is a common thread that permeates and connects the whole book of Acts: it begins with the risen and therefore living Jesus (1:1-3), with the apostles’ preaching that focuses on Jesus’ resurrection and the final resurrection of the dead (1:22; 2:24,31;3:15;4:2,10,33;5:30; 9:3-5; 10:39-40; 13:28-37;17:3,18,31; 22:6-8; 23:6; 24:15-16,21; 26:6-8,23). Significantly, the word "Paradise" is entirely missing from the Book of Acts, while today’s Christianity makes it the centre of its hope, mostly neglecting the resurrection, so much so as to sometimes even be confused between [...]




ACTS 2 PENTECOST THE BEGINNING OF THE WORK OF THE APOSTLES   [2:1]. «When the day of Pentecost arrived». Every Jewish male had the obligation to present himself in Jerusalem «before YHWH» during three particular feasts (Ex 23:14-17; Deu 16; Lev 23): at Easter or the Feast of Unleavened Bread (around April), 50 days later at Pentecost or Harvest (end of May), finally at the Feast of Booths or Collection (mid-October). For those who lived near Jerusalem it was easier to observe these rules, while it was in fact impossible for a "synagogue Judaism" now spread from the Persian Gulf to the entire [...]

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